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3 Surprising Benefits Of Brushing

By Local Fresh | Apr 26, 2016

As patients of Seaside family dentist Dr. Scott Santos know, brushing ranks as the best practice for preventing tooth decay and gum disease. While this may seem like common sense, 25 percent of adults fail to brush twice a day, including 33 percent of men, and nearly 50 percent of adults say they don’t visit…

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Dental Anxiety and No-Drill Dentistry

By Local Fresh | Dec 16, 2015

At Seaside Family Dentistry, Dr. Santos understands that not every patient enjoys visiting the dentist. Recent studies conducted by the American Dental Association have found that approximately 20 percent of American adults suffer from some degree of dental anxiety that keeps them from receiving the dental care they need. When asked, many patients who suffer from…

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Gum Disease Linked to Poor Gut Health

By Local Fresh | May 2, 2014

At our Seaside dental clinic, Dr. Santos knows that a patient’s teeth can provide a lot of information about their health, diet, age, and identity. The health of a patient’s teeth can even give Dr. Santos clues about their overall health, including clues to health issues that don’t even originate in the mouth. Some serious issues…

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