Gum Disease Linked to Poor Gut Health

At our Seaside dental clinic, Dr. Santos knows that a patient’s teeth can provide a lot of information about their health, diet, age, and identity. The health of a patient’s teeth can even give Dr. Santos clues about their overall health, including clues to health issues that don’t even originate in the mouth. Some serious…

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Seaside Family Dentistry: Reopening Date

When We Plan to Reopen On April 23, 2020 Governor Brown lifted restrictions for dental offices and will reopen May 4th, however with limited capacity to start to ensure maximum safety for patients and staff. For patients that had appointments postponed during the closure, we will be calling you to reschedule. For patients with scheduled…

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Seaside Family Dentistry: COVID-19 Update

Hello Friends! Unfortunately we are still closed and do not expect to open until June 15, 2020, however we do have an exciting update! Our community of dentists have met several times to determine the most effective way of treating the true emergencies our patients will definitely have while our offices are shut down. We…

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Charcoal Toothpastes Proven Unsafe in Study

dentist near me

If like many Americans, you might feel the need to Google for a “dentist near me” in hopes of scheduling teeth whitening treatments that will help revitalize the color of your smile. In recent years, teeth whitening ranks as the most commonly performed cosmetic dental procedure by dentists in the U.S. Each year, Americans spend…

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A Patient’s Guide to Dental Crowns

Seaside dental clinic

If a visit to Seaside Family Dentistry ends with a recommendation from Dr. Santos that your smile needs a dental crown, your oral health probably requires a little assistance to look and feel its best. Unlike a filling, many patients may not understand the purpose of a dental crown or how the device can help to…

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