How Sugar Consumption Affects Your Oral Health

As a family dentist in Seaside, Dr. Scott Santos is dedicated to helping families make informed decisions when it comes to their oral health. While brushing and flossing remain critical, a balanced diet filled with fresh vegetables, fruit, and lean protein is also very important to maintaining your oral – and overall – health. This…

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Do Robots Dream of Brushing Your Teeth?

family dentist in Seaside

Could a future exists where patients no longer have to brush or worry about flossing before visiting their family dentist in Seaside? Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have closer to realizing this dream than many would have expected with the development of shapeshifting microrobots that can clean and floss teeth. The research team developed…

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Oral Piercings Pose an Oral Health Risk

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At our family dentistry in Seaside, Dr. Santos understands the importance of self-expression for his patients. Whether a stylish new haircut, bold tattoo, or tongue or lip piercing, patients need to feel free to express themselves however they see fit. Unfortunately, many patients that decide to get a tongue or lip piercing do so without…

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