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Do Robots Dream of Brushing Your Teeth?

By Local Fresh | Jul 19, 2022

Could a future exists where patients no longer have to brush or worry about flossing before visiting their family dentist in Seaside? Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have closer to realizing this dream than many would have expected with the development of shapeshifting microrobots that can clean and floss teeth. The research team developed…

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Oral Piercings Pose an Oral Health Risk

By Local Fresh | May 29, 2022

At our family dentistry in Seaside, Dr. Santos understands the importance of self-expression for his patients. Whether a stylish new haircut, bold tattoo, or tongue or lip piercing, patients need to feel free to express themselves however they see fit. Unfortunately, many patients that decide to get a tongue or lip piercing do so without…

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Study Finds Kids with Heart Problems Have More Oral Health Complications

By Local Fresh | Mar 31, 2022

As a Seaside family dentist, Dr. Santos knows that the oral health needs of his patients vary by age. Senior patients may require more frequent dental care when compared to younger patients to maintain their oral health. But even younger patients may require more care, especially if they have an underlying health concern. Children with…

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5 Reasons Why Your Teeth Hurt

By Local Fresh | Jan 18, 2022

At our Seaside family dental office, a condition Dr. Scott Santos commonly encounters with patients is the development of sudden, unexplained tooth pain. Whether a shooting, stabbing sensation or more a dull throb or ache, whenever a patient develops tooth pain, they want to know why. Tooth pain is typically caused when the innermost layer…

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What Hygiene Products Actually Protect Your Teeth?

By Local Fresh | Oct 15, 2021

Enjoying a healthy, great-looking smile for a lifetime requires making a commitment to practicing quality oral hygiene at home. When combined with scheduling regular appointments to see Dr. Scott Santos and our entire team at Seaside Family Dentistry, daily brushing and flossing can work to help prevent the buildup of harmful oral bacteria that can…

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How Asthma Can Impact Your Oral Health

By Local Fresh | Sep 29, 2021

Most patients don’t need an experienced Seaside family dentist to explain the connection that exists between their oral and overall health. Decades worth of study have found significant links between an individual’s oral and overall health. While you may have heard of the correlation between oral health and full-body inflammation, many patients don’t realize a…

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Four Things Your Oral Health Can Say About Your Overall Health

By Local Fresh | Jul 24, 2021

At our dental clinic in Seaside, Dr. Santos and his team can discover far more about whether a patient brushes and flosses by examining their teeth and gums. A great-looking smile can say a lot about a person. It can even reveal potential health problems that may lurk just beneath the surface. The mouth acts…

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Gum Disease Linked to Poor Gut Health

By Local Fresh | Jul 24, 2020

At our Seaside dental clinic, Dr. Santos knows that a patient’s teeth can provide a lot of information about their health, diet, age, and identity. The health of a patient’s teeth can even give Dr. Santos clues about their overall health, including clues to health issues that don’t even originate in the mouth. Some serious…

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Seaside Family Dentistry: Reopening Date

By Local Fresh | Apr 28, 2020

When We Plan to Reopen On April 23, 2020 Governor Brown lifted restrictions for dental offices and will reopen May 4th, however with limited capacity to start to ensure maximum safety for patients and staff. For patients that had appointments postponed during the closure, we will be calling you to reschedule. For patients with scheduled…

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